• Transport of organs and medical teams

    Since 1987, our transport units for organs and medical teams have traveled 2 027 764 km, the equivalent of 50 times the turn of the Earth !
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  • 497 people were transplanted to Quebec in 2018:

    451 people thanks to the generosity of deceased organ donors and their families

    46 people thanks to living donors
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  • Canadian Organ & Tissue Donors Association (CODA)  slide6
  • Canadian Organ & Tissue Donors Association (CODA)  slide6
  • Canadian Organ & Tissue Donors Association (CODA)  slide6
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You can give at any age!

According to statistics compiled by Transplant Quebec...


The oldest times giver was ... 92 years old

The oldest kidney donor had ... 85 years

The oldest donator donated ... 85 years

The oldest pancreas donor had ... 72 years

The oldest donor was ... 69 years old

The youngest donor ... 48 hours


Some interesting statistics...



As President of CODA., I am very proud and pleased to present a review of the number of emergency transportations carried out since March 1987, the date our organ transportation unit was created.

Our summary of operational statistics provides an excellent overview of the year ending December 31 of last year, with statistics on the number of donor organs transported, as well as data on the hospitals and medical centres we serve.

The detailed report on the fleet of 11 emergency transportation units illustrates how dynamic we are and how well-established CODA. is in Canadian communities.

When CODA was created in 1983, our initial mission was to promote the donation of organs throughout Québec and Canada. Then, in 1987, we added emergency organ transportation to our its mission, thus contributing to the survival of hundreds of patients anxiously awaiting organ transplants.

In order to ensure continued growth, public awareness campaigns are organized regularly to promote the donation of organs and tissue for transplant. With the assistance of our dedicated volunteer police officers from various police services throughout Québec, and with the generous participation of our corporative partners Transplant Québec, Le Naturiste and Bell Mobility, we are all working toward the same goal.


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CODA is proud of its achivements, including:


  • A fleet of 11 vehicles dedicated to the transportation of organs and medical teams;
  • 1994 : Inauguration of a Cenotaph-Garden in memory of organ donors;
  • 1998 : Creation of the Nancy Desharnais Eye Bank Foundation (La Banque de Yeux Nancy Desharnais);
  • Financing of certain surgical equipment;
  • 1995 : Inauguration, creation and implementation of a heliport at the Sherbrooke Medical Centre - Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS);
  • Participation in organ transplant studies.

Simply by signing your Organ Donor’s card and informing your family members, you are providing a fundamental asset for the continuation of CODA’s humanitarian mission and it's ultimate goal and single objective of giving the gift of life.

To those who have already signed their donor’s card, please allow me to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your incredible generosity, and for the miracle of life which is extended for the recipients as a result.  If you have not already registered your consent to organ and tissue donation, everything you need to make an informed decision is just a click away. << Gift of Life >>

Your priceless support is necessary to help CODA continue its mission and pass on the gift of life. Thank you for your support.

Richard Tremblay, FSStJ.,C.Q.

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