• Transport of organs and medical teams

    Since 1987, our transport units for organs and medical teams have traveled 2 027 764 km, the equivalent of 50 times the turn of the Earth !
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  • 497 people were transplanted to Quebec in 2018:

    451 people thanks to the generosity of deceased organ donors and their families

    46 people thanks to living donors
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  • Canadian Organ & Tissue Donors Association (CODA)  slide6
  • Canadian Organ & Tissue Donors Association (CODA)  slide6
  • Canadian Organ & Tissue Donors Association (CODA)  slide6
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You can give at any age!

According to statistics compiled by Transplant Quebec...


The oldest times giver was ... 92 years old

The oldest kidney donor had ... 85 years

The oldest donator donated ... 85 years

The oldest pancreas donor had ... 72 years

The oldest donor was ... 69 years old

The youngest donor ... 48 hours




The medal symbolizes

The emblem of remembrance, the pansy is a large flower with velvety petals, also symbolizes love.

The two flowers in the middle symbolize the human heart that incarnates the eternal bond of love between the Donor and the Receiver.

This gift of sharing is inscribed in a circle, the symbol of infinity, and of the continuation of life.



The medal symbolizes

Lifelike sculpture, the bonsai is the fruit of patience and fidelity, of love and respect of life. Noble and worthy, it symbolizes peace and serenity. In its small size, one finds greatness and a delicate balance between the force of Man and that of Nature.

It is the perfect example of a lasting relationship and of unconditional devotion.



Special Tributes

We would like to pay a posthumous tribute to all those anonymous heroes, men and women of all ages who, by donating their organs and tissue, have saved many lives and improve the lives of many others.

To those heroes and to their courageous families who, in pain and mourning, supported their loved one's wishes: we want to express our deep admiration ,gratitude and sincere appreciation for this great contribution to humanity.

Thank you for giving the Gift of Life!


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The Gift of Life…

The day will come when my body, covered by sheet stretched to the four corners of the bed will remain on a hospital bed,will lie among the living souls, in the throes of death. At some moment, a doctor will determine that my brain has stopped working and that life has forever left my body.

When that happens, don't try to keep me alive with any machine. Do not speak of my "deathbed". Instead talk about my "life" and let them take my body so it can be used to enrich someone else's...

Give my eyes to someone who has never seen the sunrise, a baby's smile or the love on a woman's face...

Give my heart to the someone whose own heart is weak...

Give my blood to the teenager pulled out of a car wreck, so he too can live on, to play someday play with his grand-children ...

Give my kidney to someone who has to go come every week for dialysis...

Take my bones, muscles, nerves and other living tissues from me so we can learn how to make a paralysed child walk...

Study and explore my brain, and take what is needed so that someday, children can be cured of silence and learn to cry out in joy.

Burn the rest of my body and spread it in open fields so flowers can grow. If there is anything to bury, it would be my wrongdoings, my failings and my prejudice against others of my own kind.

If you would like to remember me, do so by helping someone in need with simple words or actions. If you do everything I wish, " I will live on forever " …